TRACK: Greener – FKJ ft. Santana

Multi-instrumentalist FKJ today releases ‘Greener’ – the first delectable track off his upcoming second studio album ‘V I N C E N T’ (out 10 June). The enviable collaboration with the legendary Carlos Santana combines Santana’s signature Latin American jazz infused rock ‘n’ roll with the modern hues of ambient electronics, and the result is luscious sophistication.

TRACK: Waiting – Bri Clark

In less than two and half minutes, Bri Clark will draw you into an cavernous spiral that bleeds with overwhelming intensity. ‘Waiting’ simultaneously explores the torturous mindsets of love, heartache and living with chronic illness, weaving through a tumultuous journey and cleverly culminating in a sense of frustrating incompleteness.

TRACK: Garden of Eden – Ny Oh

NZ-raised, LA-based musician Ny Oh has released her latest enchanting track, ‘Garden of Eden’. With her delicate vocals dancing around a captivating folk melody, Ny Oh continues to awe us with her spellbinding songwriting ahead of her forthcoming EP ‘Ny Oh’s Garden of Eden’ (due 11 March). Exploring the complexities of life while reveling in the simplicity of having love amongst the chaos, Garden of Eden is a stunning song that delves deeply into trying to understand the world around us.

Young Henrys Best Served Loud rescheduled for January + Extra Shows in December

The Young Henrys Best Served Loud Mini-Fest has been rescheduled for 8 January 2022. Boasting a killer line-up and ‘mates rates’ drinks, this is one sure-fire way to kick off the new year. Young Henrys has also announced that they’re taking over Wayward’s at Newtown’s Bank Hotel each Friday in December with free music and drinks specials. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve even launched a brand new G+T tinnie. Read on for more details.

TRACK: Dreamworld – Andy Martin

‘Dreamworld’ is a track that oozes with a familiarity that you want to chase down and hold onto tightly. Andy Martin’s pop-rock songwriting is just as nostalgic as it is exciting and new. He continues to deliver surprises as his rhythmic progression travels between vibrant and punchy, and his latest track Dreamworld is no exception. With his energy never dwindling, any heartbreak or angst addressed by Andy resonates musically through unifying lyricism and feel-good melodies.