Like floating in a private galaxy where sparks fly over cotton pink skies, Clouds is an exotic escape into simplistic beauty and stillness. From her apartment in Iceland, watching the sunset over the ‘shadow district’, GHOSTGIRL was inspired to write this ‘little love song to the sky’. Let her cast her spell and take you on an adventure through a sci-fi-like tale of beauty and serenity.

TRACK: Work For Me – Mia Wray

This song may be one of the best modern tributes to the genres that paved the way for music as we know it today. After years of soul-searching, Mia Wray has taken the bull by the horns, honing in on her sound and creating her own narrative. The result is a captivating track that showcases the best of gospel, soul, jazz, and Celtic folk – but with a little added oomph to get you out of your seat and moving.