Our first featured playlist has been curated by burgeoning Sydney hip-hop artist Lanstan, who takes us through his ‘Local List‘ – his top 10 local hip-hop tracks.

1 Ollie Roland – Kickin’ in – ‘Kickin’ in’ is the upbeat banger that you need in your life! If you feel like turning up and going crazy – this should be first on your playlist. 

2 Creed Tha Kid – Vibes – This song blew me away when I first heard it and in the time since it has blown up to millions of streams online. For good reason!!

3 Youngn Lipz – Everyday – Youngn Lipz is one of my favourite artists bursting onto the scene right now. He has an amazing voice and knows how to craft a catchy song!

4 Phi11a – Witness – I couldn’t not put this track on my list! It is an amazing track and it’s still crazy to see my friend making music with idols!

5 Ruku – Research – Research has been carefully crafted and you can hear that instantly. Every part of the track has been fine tuned in the production, writing and mixing.

6 Saint Lane – Dusty – If it’s dirty 808’s you’re after, this is the track you need right now. Lane oozes confidence all over this track except for the line where he says he looks disgusting. You’re beautiful bro.

7 ONE FOUR – Spot the Difference – This is by no means a new song but it still bops to this day! This track changed everything for Australian hip hop and deserves a spot on every playlist. 

8 The Kid Laroi – Maybe – This could be my favourite song right now! It’s not news to anyone at this point that Laroi is exceptionally talented but this track is just on another level for me. The raw emotion is incredible. 

9 Kwame – Schleep – This track could sit alongside Dababy or A$AP Ferg song’s and still hold its own. Kwame is in a class of his own. 

10 Miles Marmalade – Perspective – I had to finish the list on this one. For those of you that thought Miles Marmalade was just about energy and fun, you need to sit back and really take this one in.

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