Cautious Clay has arrived with the first delectable taste of his upcoming debut album. With honeyed vocals and a seamless production, there’s a melodic lightness to Agreeable that hides a murkier tale of compromise.

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Currently residing in Brooklyn USA, Cautious Clay is a multi-talented musician and producer, with a gift for disguising a dark sense of humour in poetically attentive lyrics. Agreeable, the first single from his imminent debut album, is certainly no exception.

Like slipping into a pattern of expressing polite disappointment, Agreeable has that pang of having to settle for less, and the sense deflation when our efforts apparently fall short.

‘Agreeable’ is both a reflection on how compromise is a part of our daily lives and how the compromises we make, both big and small, can have an effect on personal growth

Cautious Clay

But that’s not all. Carefully masked in the upbeat tune is a sense of derision, or what Clay refers to as ‘a satirical look at our current media landscape‘, particularly the ‘divisive rhetoric‘ employed to win arguments.

His mellow vocals are as smooth as honey, dripping effortlessly across the whole track. The underlying melody seems to perfectly absorb into his voice, with silky layers of feather-light phrases falling gracefully into each other. Despite the soothing composition, the lyrics still manage to capture the frustrating conflict of opinions, and the diminishing effect it can have on us moving forward.

Stream Agreeable or watch the Official Video below:

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