Sydney-based hip hop artist Yawdoesitall has released his latest track Armadillo featuring Maina Doe. The result is a smooth, late-night anthem with a little bit of sass, providing the slightly unresolved back-and-forth dialogue that we can all relate to.

Armadillo is the second release for Yawdoesitall in 2020, and honestly, if you want proof that all is not lost in this godforsaken year, this is it.

Described by Yawdoesitall as ‘a cliche love song’, the conversational style between the two vocalists paints a clear picture of exciting sensuality tangled up in the frustration of not quite taking what’s in front of you.

The inclusion of rising R&B singer, Maina Doe, sets this song off. Her vocals on this track lie somewhere between a hypnotic stillness and an electric shock wave. Her sharp end-of-phrase calls echo tantalisingly, and you feel the midnight longing for connection that the song embodies.

Collaborating with Maina Doe wasn’t face to face, but magic was made. She’s definitely one of the most talented singers out these ways and [I] can’t wait to make more magic with her

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Written during a session with Sumatra, this song is yet another step forward for this promising hip hop artist.

In less than three minutes, this track delivers serious depth and leaves you craving the next installment. His deep tones are so smooth (dare we say, like velvet) and are seductively intriguing.

Enticing beats, clever collaboration and effortless flow seem to come naturally, and Yawdoesitall is quickly marking himself as the one to watch in the Australian hip hop/R&B scene.

Stream Armadillo below (and then if you haven’t, dive straight back into his February release Get It ft. Sumatra).

Posted by Editor at Like Velvet Music