Like a dream turned nightmare, Bad Thoughts is a musically enchanting gateway down a road of dark reflection. It’s the mirror that none of us want to look into, that shows us an alluring facade tainted by negative motivation. Meghna has shone a blinding light on the selfish devil on our shoulder that we pretend is never there.

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Bad Thoughts is captivating from the start, drawing you in with a spiraling riff that changes tone with each pluck of a string. It loops from each side of the speakers, like a snake hypnotically coiling around you. But before it can make you dizzy, the bass comes in to carry it elsewhere.

Meghna’s deep and overflowing vocals have a haunting sophistication. They anchor you so heavily into the song, amplifying every other second of space that her voice creates.

Between its strong heartbeat, the floating vocal flourishes that lace the chorus, and the painstaking sentiment, Bad Thoughts is simply spellbinding.

With lines like ‘I will step on as many hands as I need to‘, the blatant honesty in these lyrics really pushes your comfort zone. It has us contemplating how we create our own abyss of comparison, the vicious cycle of competition, and what boundaries we’re seduced into pushing.

‘Bad Thoughts’ is about the selfish thoughts permeating inside your head, wanting to win at all costs even if it is unethical. It’s about dealing with that anxiety of wanting to reach the top, caring only about your own success so much to the point that you’re willing to do awful things. It refers to the pursuit of success and how someone’s obsession for competition and comparison with others can impact their mental health and state of being for the worse.


It’s a truthful discomfort packaged in a beautifully mesmerising tune. With a portion of earnings going to Beyond Blue, stream Bad Thoughts below: