Sarah Saint James is beaming with confidence and bubbling with vindication in her latest track BIG BOY. It’s not just an outpouring of frustration, nor is it just a celebration of finding empowerment – it’s a downright party about leaving the dream-squashers and time-wasters floundering at the starting line.

After bounding onto everyone’s radar through Tones and I’s That One Song Contest with her bold and sassy track outta this world (f*ckboys from space), Sarah Saint James has continued to ride the wave of high energy and tongue-in-cheek delivery in her songwriting.

Following on from her power-ode to f*ckboys, Sarah has held nothing back in her latest release. BIG BOY has Sarah tightening her grip, taking back control and issuing a firm statement to the people who have taken her for a ride. She’s letting them know that she’s got her hands on the wheel now – and it’s full speed ahead.

In her lyrics, she hits back at the music industry hot shots that led her on a wild goose chase (although you could easily liken it to any sleazy DM story), making it clear that she knows who she is and that there will be no hitching their wagon to her star now.

In delicious sugar-laced savagery, Sarah is celebrating her empowerment with bold beats, sparkling vocals and cheeky lyrics. Written in a matter of hours with Cyrus Villanueva, as they vented their frustrations, Sarah found her superpower in what sets her apart.

This track showcases the diverse vocal abilities of Sarah. The contradictions of the thick bass line and punchy verses against the gorgeous and glowing pre-chorus vocals perfectly emulates the different sides of a woman, and lines like ‘sugar sweet but rot your teeth if you ain’t what I like‘ remind all the big shots out there that our femininity certainly isn’t diminished by our strength.

Take her on, we dare you. Stream BIG BOY below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo