Bound is a seamless production with complex layers that somehow creates the ultimate simplicity in modern soul. Erika Ascenzo’s second release is an inspired leap forward in artistic independence.

A jazz-tinged huskiness that melts like butter and an authentic sense of articulation are some of the first things that come to mind when listening to Melbourne singer/songwriter, Erika Ascenzo.

Bound is the second original release for the artist, following her December 2019 track Continuum, and makes a strong statement of much bolder artistic expression.

Taking influence from Mereba‘s Stay Tru, Erika chose to harness her vocals as the driving force behind the whole track, with the beat anchored to her voice rather than the other way around. With perfect control, she has let her vocals take the wheel without overpowering the final product.

When you close your eyes and listen to Bound you can feel how Erika creatively bends each note. It’s definitely a song for movement, and the vibrant synth-pop influence cements that.

The bridge gives us a glimpse of the yet-to-be-seen full range that Erika’s voice can deliver, with the line ‘reflect upon the moments gone‘ flashing back to Hailey Cramer‘s effortless vocal flourishes alongside Pez in The Festival Song.

There’s not a huge demand of emotional commitment in this song but there’s still a lyrical journey. Erika describes the track as ‘a message of no longer being bound to a person, to a place, to a feeling‘. There’s definitely an emancipation of sorts – you just might find it in moving your feet.

Capturing her musical influences from across various decades, this track is a celebration of an artist finding confidence in their convictions and defining their own rules.

Bound allowed me to find my voice… I went in to the studio with clear ideas and for the first time I let it all spill out honestly and without fear.

Erika Ascenzo

Bound is a skillful and seamless production. But more than that, it’s a song holding secret glimpses of what Erika Ascenzo’s unique voice can bring in the future.

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Posted by Editor at Like Velvet Music