Ahead of the release of their debut record Fantasia Famish this Friday, we’re taking a moment to celebrate Agnes Manners‘ exquisitely heartbreaking single Brilliant Blue. In a few beautiful minutes, it will hurt you and heal you, proving that confronting our deepest fears and biggest regrets can be a dark path forward, but a path forward nonetheless.

Photo: David Bichard

Challenging ‘the archaic blueprint of masculinity’ is Melbourne-based group Agnes Manners. Through the artistic deconstruction of genre, the group are advocating for vulnerability and empathy, particularly in men. Brilliant Blue is a phenomenally emotive and candid display of that intention, forcing stillness and reflection.

The opening lines of the song pull at your insides, stirring up regret for the time you’ve wasted not growing up as quickly as you think you should have. But hindsight isn’t always wonderful – sometimes it’s a tragically ruthless mirror to look into, and finding resilience can seem impossible.

Brilliant Blue is a heavy dive into exponential grief, sharing the raw journey of frontman Matthew Gravolin following the sudden passing of his father. Through confronting lyrics and brutally honest pain, there’s a sense of heartbreaking acceptance for the things we wish we’d done differently, and the things we can no longer change.

“Once the music for ‘Brilliant Blue’ came to me, I arranged the notes in chronological sequence, and made verses of the excerpts that frightened me to say aloud. I hoped that by being as honest as possible, I could rid myself of the discomfort I was feeling.”

Matthew Gravolin

In the same way the likes of Bon Iver can pull you under, breaking your heart with emotions you’re not ready to confront and filling your eyes with tears at the simple beauty of the music, Brilliant Blue will hurt you and heal you in equal measure.

Fantasia Famish will be out on Friday 18th September. Stream Brilliant Blue or watch the Official Video below:

Warning: This video contains depictions of drug and alcohol use. Viewer discretion is advised. As described by the group: “We want to make it clear that we do not encourage alcohol or substance abuse – the video is a sketch of a personal nadir and we hope that it can be appreciated as such.”

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