Like floating in a private galaxy where sparks fly over cotton pink skies, Clouds is an exotic escape into simplistic beauty and stillness. From her apartment in Iceland, watching the sunset over the ‘shadow district’, GHOSTGIRL was inspired to write this ‘little love song to the sky‘. Let her cast her spell and take you on an adventure through a sci-fi-like tale of beauty and serenity.

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Every day I would sit and watch the sunset, the most majestic pinks, beautiful colours and shapes rolling over a still city of grey buildings and white-capped mountains. It became my ritual, like this strange sort secret fireworks ceremony to myself, each day it grew more exciting and gratifying. I would sit quietly and it became like a beautiful spiritual orchestra. The more I practised this little ritual the more blissful and ecstatic it would make me.


Like some exotic amalgamation of Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson and Madonna, with a few dashes of peak electronica (think Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode), GHOSTGIRL manages to encapsulate the best of ’80s and ’90s pop in an intergalactic musical sphere.

The strings slice through the track, sometimes with an orchestral beauty and other times like a sound effect from a thrasher film. It’s oddly tranquil amidst the tension created by the high register and building crescendos. Her effortless vocals feel like a rolling waterfall flowing into a power board, with sparks flying and hypnotic mayhem engulfing you.

It’s an intriguing journey to finding a sense of inner peace, and GHOSTGIRL explains how she wanted people to know ‘that even alone isolated and possibly far away from all you know, great silence can always supply you with the path way back to peace.

The video clip was filmed entirely in GHOSTGIRL’s apartment, drawing upon the worlds of Blade Runner and Twin Peaks to capture the authentic yet obscure state of the world.

Stream Clouds or watch the official video below: