Sharing new vulnerabilities and lyrical depth, will hyde has delivered a beautifully reflective track about the loss of love and sense of self that many of us have felt this year. With the ability to draw endless meaning from his words, dark until september feels like a sombre reminder that our pain doesn’t just disappear as the seasons start to change.

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Raising the bar again for his upcoming EP with u in mind, Melbourne singer/songwriter will hyde has released a stunning and heartbreaking reflection on our current state of melancholy.

dark until september painstakingly captures the sense of grief we’ve felt as our reality faded away from us this year, with new jobs, new love and new promises of adventure disintegrating suddenly before our very eyes. As Will sings of losing himself in the process and the feeling of not being enough, we reflect on how disorientating this year has been and the state of fear and uncertainty that remains behind.

In contrast to his recent singles, dark until september is a delicately subdued release. It draws some similarities to Mumford and Sons and Matt Corby, with the stylistic composition of the vocals heavily mirroring a Bon Iver track. The line ‘it’s dark until September, I hope that she remembers me‘ will speak a world of fear to many lonely hearts in lockdown, especially those dreading more loss and isolation on the other side of it all.

i wrote dark until september during a time in my life when everything was falling apartit felt right to still make music even if i didn’t know what it was for. i was realising that some of the relationships i had in my life weren’t as reliable as i thought. i was searching for something in others & that left me feeling sort of empty. this is me looking for love inside myself in a time when all i felt was hopeless & tired.

Will Hyde

While we’re always reminded that spring marks new life and rebirth, we’re desperately looking for what that means in our current world. Forcing us to reflect and understand the magnitude of all our losses, dark until september provides the perfect platform to dive into those thoughts and assess what we really want moving forward.

Stream Dark Until September or watch the lyric video below:

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