With retro seduction and soulful class, Sydney-based singer/songwriter MAXINE has your Friday night playlist tipped towards smooth and sensual. Hovering somewhere between boldly flirty and excitedly vulnerable, MAXINE has her finger on the pulse for your ideal late-night rendezvous.

Following a super smooth retro intro, MAXINE immediately leads you into seductive bliss in her latest single Do It.

The burgeoning R&B singer has captured the delicacy of slow late-night passions with her 70s soul-influenced style.

Her soft-flowing vocals are pure class against the silky electric guitar licks. The lyrics gently coax you in, and the repetition of ‘I’m’a do it, do it to ya‘ isn’t a demand but a coquettish enticement.

It covers the whole game – from starting to feel comfortable with someone new, to falling deep into the grips of passionate impulse. But what sets it apart is how she still magically captures the feeling of being completely comfortable, even in the most vulnerable of settings.

I wrote ‘Do It’ to commemorate a deep love, that I found that totally encapsulated my mind, body and heart. With the music video, I wanted it to express the power and strength that the love gave me through intimacy and closeness to help my audience to understand my idea of love on a more personal level.

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This song is calling for you to crack open your best bottle of red in a candlelit lounge room with your significant other – a vibe perfectly captured in MAXINE’s official video co-produced by Kamaliza Salamba and Chunkyluv. But you don’t need the video to guide you how to feel, MAXINE’s vocal intimacy does it all.

Stream Do It on Spotify below:

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