A melting pot of influences boiled down to one smooth jam, the final chapter of Bootleg Rascal’s EP has arrived to deliver the ultimate in soul-infused hip hop.

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Falling Star holds pride of place in capping off Bootleg Rascal‘s staggered release for their EP, Collaborations of Very Isolated Delinquents ’19. The ultra smooth drums carry the steady groove throughout the whole track, but it’s the crisp, clean vocals and retro riffs that have us swaying to the speakers.

With rising rapper/singer Saint Lane lending his effortless and genre-bending vocals on the second verse, and the luscious R&B-inspired back up vocals by A.GIRL, this track is a lucky-dip of influences and the prize is always good.

Produced by the band themselves and described by frontman, Carlos Lara, as one of their favourite songs on the EP, he mentions how special it was to have Saint Lane and A.GIRL laying down their tracks for this tune.

A love song of sorts, Lara talks about how he’s a ‘hopeless romantic’ always searching for legitimacy in new connections. He describes the track as ‘a metaphor [he] coined for when you’re smitten by someone you’ve just met, but it eventually all just fizzles out‘.

Sadly, sometimes the more you get to know the person, you realise they’re not right for you. Just like a falling star, it’s beautiful and exciting, but over really quickly.

Carlos Lara

The muted horns chiming in are an understated addition that adds to this song’s laid-back class. It’s got that millennium vibe, somewhere between nineties pop and naughties hip hop/R&B. It fits the same nostalgia that still has us spinning Suga Suga – a steady pulse, strong rhythm and sweet but significant riffs.

If we’re ever allowed to road trip again, this is hitting the top of our playlists. In the mean time, we’ll settle for looping it on repeat as the sun kicks in on our 5km radius strolls.

Stream Falling Star below:

Tickets for The Hopefully This Happens At Some Point Tour are now on sale on the Bootleg Rascal site.

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