Surf-rock and 90’s pop battle it out in the latest track from The Bonnie Doons. The first taste of their upcoming EP is self-defiant, energetic and calling for a crowd to sing along with.

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With an iconic opening chord that had us momentarily thinking Jeff Buckley would be pouring us a glass of lilac wine in the misty light, we pretty quickly realised that this song is actually cracking open a couple of frothies down on the beach at sunset.

Brisbane-based indie five-piece The Bonnie Doons have raised the bar in contemporary surf-rock with their latest single Fred. While this track sees more 90’s pop-influence in their songwriting, there’s no denying the laid-back Southern Californian vibe. With more refined funk and deeper roots grooves, its clear that the group are finding themselves comfortably in line with the likes of Ocean Alley and San Cisco.

The Dreadlock Holiday-like beat makes Fred super catchy, and the tune’s compelling sense of high self-esteem is a burst of fresh, new energy. It’s got the right amount of sass and indifference, alongside a huge sense of relief of dropping the weights that no longer serve you.

In this track I talk about staying true to who you are and not letting your emotional attachments to things or people keep you from doing what’s right for you. Breaking down the barriers of guilt, letting something go and moving on.

Torian Brewer, The Bonnie Doons

It’s straight-up, old-school fun. With the self-defiance of ‘all I know is I don’t owe ya’ to ‘in time I guess you will see’, you can hear the would-be crowds at the would-be gigs backing them up in the chorus, toasting to the strong message the band has written for them.

Stream Fred below:

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