Whether you’re hitting the skatepark or rollerblading on the boardwalk, the dreamy-pop mood of Cobra Man‘s latest track will have you seeing the world through a sparkly ’80s filter (and longing desperately for a summer full of freedom).

Photo: Buddy Bleckley

Cobra Man (a.k.a Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne) have released their latest in retro electronica. Paving the way for new-age ‘Los Angeles Power Disco‘, their ’80s/’90s synthpop sounds are dreamy, beachy, and full of nostalgia.

The music ethos behind Cobra Man is that ‘the world might end tomorrow, so let’s go full speed tonight‘, the complete irony here being that Heatwave was written well before the world shut down.

We didn’t know this song would be such a hellish prophecy when we wrote it last year… It’s about someone being stuck in a shitty apartment during a heatwave. It’s a story about being desperate for comfort and safety.

Andy Harry

The 80s-style guitar solo has big Brian May energy, and the vocals are reminiscent of Elton John. The accompanying video clip is juxtaposed between the glamour of what we wish were doing vs. what we’ve actually been reduced to.

All we can say is we hope we’re out of lockdown by peak summer. But either way, Heatwave is a golden summer anthem. If it’s not signaling another season in lockdown, then it will have us partying until the winter comes again.

Stream or watch Heatwave below:

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