PLGRMS are back for the second time this year with their latest in luscious, dreamy electronic indie tracks. Following on from April’s Disappear, Limbs is a confirmation of the moody magic that we can consistently come to expect from the pair.

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An evocative track driven by diving intensity, Limbs feels private and personal yet would have the power to carry a whole arena. The phrasing in the chorus has a Lana Del Rey effect – layers of vocals that are so carefully executed that you can’t quite tell where one ends and another begins.

Speaking about the single, vocalist Jake Pearson describes the kind of personality ‘that acts impulsive and fearless, then fixates on maintaining that reputation’. The lyrics paint a picture of the weight we can shed when we let someone in, and how even those that seem larger than life drown under the expectations they create for themselves.

The lyric “Show me who you really are” was my first inclination towards someone who always had their walls up. But to feel someone lower their defences and explore that with you was like finding gold.

Jake Pearson

The track has filtered through some of the best in the game. Produced by Ross James aka upsidedownhead (Vera Blue / E^ST / Thelma Plum), mixed by Dan Grech (Radiohead / Lana Del Rey / Halsey), mastered by Leon Zervos (Amy Shark / Dope Lemon) and with Luke Davison (The Preatures) on drums, the pristine execution of PLGRMS’ discography continues.

The end of the song finds a momentary silence, after which the final chorus comes in. It’s completely stripped back, with Pearson’s whispering vocals driving a final serenade.

Between the track’s energetic beginning, pulsing chorus and final reflective moment, Limbs is an adventure. A soundtrack-to-your-life as you walk down the street wearing your best headphones kind of vibe.

We’ll happily stay lost in this one for a while.

Stream Limbs below:

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