Conceptually edgy, darkly sarcastic, and mysteriously deadpan. The latest offering from Congrats keeps pushing the boundaries of pop-punk to heal our malaise, helping us find the humour in our hellish heartaches.

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If you’re catching up to speed, Congrats is the solo project of Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart. His latest track Lobotomy, produced by Konstantin Kersting, is another example of how his new project is pushing our expectations into a more pop-influenced arena.

This track holds dark sarcasm in its purest form, with lines like ‘thinking of your crooked teeth, I can’t believe I let it get away from me’ throwing some humorous warmth on our cold and lonely spirits. The nostalgic pop-punk chorus reminds us of our misplaced teenage angst and gives us permission to dive straight back into that familiar world.

Stewart explains that the lyrics are something you shouldn’t listen too hard to on account of the pretty downcast sentiment, describing it as being ‘like a conch shell where you think you can hear the ocean, but then a crab nips your earlobe off‘.

There’s such a piercing reality and honesty to his statements, and the mix of being angry at the world while equally bored and indifferent makes Stewart seem tantalisingly frightening.

Lobotomy is a dark and twisted take on heartbreak…It’s tongue in cheek because I had to choose between a laugh or cry – I chose the former so I could at least dance through it.

Ben Stewart

The official video, directed by ROME, is a fantastically peculiar addition. The decades-old video clip style is filled with twisted imagery. Between burning roses and maintaining a darkly deadpan face while swaying with a puppy in his arms, you really feel the sense of dejection (because if a cute little ball of fluff can’t fix that, what will?).

Stream Lobotomy or watch the Official Video (and trust us, you must watch this video) below: