Didirri‘s latest track contemplates how our good intentions can get lost in the forces that overshadow them. Loose Belt Drive is an exquisite understatement of poetic musings and delicate melodies.

Photo: Gil Gilmour

Driven by an underlying heart-beat that rhythmically challenges the vocal line, Loose Belt Drive immediately captures your undivided attention. Didirri describes the song as ‘a metaphor for anyone feeling worn out, as anything that is belt driven eventually wears out’, with the sense of being replaceable at the forefront.

The song is introduced by strings that take unexpected melodic dives. The heaviness and fluidity in his phrasing is reminiscent of Rufus Wainwright, and the overall moody composition runs parallel with the likes of Radiohead.

A message of disillusion that demands acknowledgement and reflection, the songwriting process took place at the home studio of Jon Hume in West Hollywood. Pondering the overwhelming influence of powerful systems – from the music industry to the church – Didirri has challenged the cross over between the two, weighing up the ‘allure of money versus the allure of doing something meaningful‘.

Most of us begin with a passion for what we do, not with greed. Yet, it feels like there is an obscene amount of riches at the very top of both that can stop you seeing what’s important.


Deeply moving and musically captivating, Loose Belt Drive is a thoughtful meditation on the commanding forces that obscure our good intentions.

To accompany the upcoming release of Sold for Sale – an EP created between in-person studio sessions, and sound files and video calls from musicians in lockdown across the globe – Didirri will be embarking on a virtual world tour. For more information, visit the link here.

Stream Loose Belt Drive below:

Posted by Editor at Like Velvet Music.