With some of the most powerful lyrics of the year, flowerkid has delivered an exquisite exploration into self-awareness and toxic comparisons. While sharing a deeply personal story of trauma, miss andry is overflowing with relatability and the important reminder that unseen wars are waging deeply within the people around us.

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flowerkid, a.k.a 19-year-old Flynn Sant, is fast establishing himself as one of Australia’s most talented emerging songwriters. With an exquisite gift for putting weighty lyrics against beautiful tunes, Flynn has an incredible ability to create connection, and miss andry is no exception.

Describing a feeling of ‘inadequacy with any cisgender man‘, Flynn talks about needing to regroup and take responsibility for his thoughts, acknowledging the role that past trauma can play in shaping how we look at the world around us.

It’s a complicated exploration into misandry, with Flynn reflecting on the injustices that he and others have experienced in the world, as well as grappling with his own defeating comparison to a standardised idea of masculinity. Flynn’s stunning lyrics, while incredibly personal, create a platform for listeners to find their own meaning and face their own demons.

With Flynn reminding us of the toxicity of comparison, our personal exploration of this track reveals a haunting honesty that forces us to confront our own idea of self-acceptance. Coupled with the thought-provoking and challenging concept that we often find envy in the people and personalities we despise, miss andry is an incredible introspective journey that every listener will relate to, while equally heeding a powerful lesson of the invisible battles of others that we rarely get to see.

When I made the song, I was terrified because it was so truthful. It was so raw. It was like ripping myself open for everyone to see. There’s this whole new level of anger to it that I don’t necessarily like to show. But I think being honest about it will help me resolve those feelings.

Flynn Sant

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