There’s something about a dark and brooding tune coupled with the imagery of a twisted fairy tale that deeply intrigues us. But it’s Evangeline‘s gentle voice of vulnerability that has us so enamoured. Her single Neighborhood tells a story of fragility and highlights the wounds we carry from trying to fit in.

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Between the EP imagery and the electronically warped lines of ‘I’m scared of all the bodies in the backyard‘, Neighborhood feels like a glimpse at the vulnerable side of Maleficient in Sleeping Beauty or the evil queen in Snow White.

The crux of Evangeline‘s message is really about feeling invisible in a crowd, or being forced into dark choices at a bad party. There’s a sense of conflict between a misfit battling social anxiety and the traumatic vulnerabilities that come with trying to fit in.

Evangeline’s EP I Think About It Way Too Much tells a tale of a weekend marred by contradictions, highs and lows, euphoric adventures, and disturbing memories. Neighborhood, the middle track, describes a sense of numbness or resignation to the situation surrounding her, full of strange opportunity and squirmish uncertainty.

The darkness behind the words ‘Face down in the concrete, we’re shaking bodies, drag you to the backseat, convulse to the beat’ paint a painfully clear picture of force and confusion. Yet amidst it all, Evangeline’s voice is hypnotic and angelic, filled with a seductively breathy tone. It’s like a false sense of security or a bite of a poison apple. You know it can only hurt you, but you want it over and over again.

Stream Neighborhood or watch the lyric video below:

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