It’s a total addiction. Tanya George‘s latest song Normality is built on exotic layers of her own voice, delivering an infectious intensity that will stay pounding through your veins long after the track has ended… and you’ll want it over and over again.

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Tanya George knows how to bring you to the wild. With a vocal range that could challenge the likes of Kate Miller-Heidke, ridiculous rhythmic prowess and a gift for looping (which, for anyone who has never tried it, is HARD to get right), she just has the whole captivating package.

Her latest track Normality is an absolute zinger, taking the acapella looping basics laid down by artists like Imogen Heap and throwing in intense pace and bright, sharp beats.

As each verse picks up, you can feel it take over your body. It’s almost hypnotic as the intensity pumps through your veins. Your eyes dart, your shoulders bounce, and then as her voice deepens, you feel like she’s staring you right in the eyes like a lion staring down its prey.

Challenging musical boundaries, Tanya is producing tunes using only her vocals, wanting to ‘share the message that voices are powerful when they come together‘.

In 2020 we haven’t been living our normal lives so I wanted to challenge the preconceived notion of what makes ‘normal’ music.

Tanya George

Her layers are so complex and clever, you almost don’t know what to listen to. But this song isn’t there for analysis. It’s there for its power, its energy and its forceful vigour.

Stream Normality below:

Photo: Anna Logue

Posted by Editor at Like Velvet Music.