Lyrically loaded and introspectively thought-provoking, MANE‘s latest track Over & Over will inspire you to silence your inner critic and take control of your mindset. Another light in what’s been a dark year, this song is a reminder that personal strength comes when you’re patient with yourself.

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Adelaide indie songwriter MANE is back with her second release of 2020, Over & Over. Taken from her upcoming EP Coping Mechanisms, the track marks a new creative chapter for the singer.

Every single line in this song has a heavy cross to bear. From ‘I don’t want to dance with my hands tied for one more night‘ to the refrain of ‘don’t forget that we’re all human’, this tune marks a critical juncture for so many people in 2020. MANE explains that song was ‘written in a moment of strength during a really difficult time‘, and the result is liberation – an optimistic approach to facing adversity.

I think, when things are tough, you can choose to sit in sadness or you can choose to push forward; this song is a little reminder to myself to continue to persevere and to fight for my happiness and peace, despite how hard it may be to do so at times. I hope it can bring a moment of strength to those who feel similarly.


MANE’s rich vocals are so unique. The space she creates in her voice transcends the whole track, and wraps around you like a force to be reckoned with. Yet she’s got a gentleness that makes you feel safe.

This song will earn its rightful place as a spirit-bolstering anthem in what’s been a tragically difficult year. Where we move through new griefs and have ample time for self-discovery, Over & Over is an introspective song that inspires personal uprising and inward compassion.

Working with video director ROME (BENEE, Mallrat), MANE ventured through various locations in South Australia to create a visual experience for the song. You can see the video below:

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