AKA Lui has made his return with a lusciously dreamy track that perfectly embodies his self-described ‘op shop pop’. Pushing Me Aside tells a melodically therapeutic tale about the pre-breakup discomfort of accepting change.

Photo: Zac Devine

AKA Lui has returned with the latest in his self-branded ‘op shop pop’. With luscious melodies, dreamy vocals, throwbacks to funky soul and disco, and delectable pop beats, AKA Lui has cleverly combined comforting familiarity with a unique sonic experience.

Pushing Me Aside marks the first in an imminent line of break-up songs, with this track exploring the realisation of no longer holding the same significance to someone you love.

The lyrics in this track embody the resignation that comes after acknowledging that your significant other sees you differently. First comes the pit in your stomach that causes you to cling tightly. The next step sends you falling into a whirlwind of self doubt. But eventually things come full circle, and there’s an acceptance for the thing that is broken beyond repair.

Floating somewhere amongst the likes of Tame Impala, Daft Punk and MGMT, AKA Lui is confidently claiming his spot as one to watch in the dreamy psychedelic pop arena.

I like to think people can relate to this song in their own way based on whatever may be happening in their life. There really isn’t any “light at the end of the tunnel” moment on this record, I’m simply recounting a moment in time.


Stream Pushing Me Aside below:

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