Wrapped up in her signature electro-pop, Chase Zera‘s bluesy dance floor vibe is back, but this time with a sultry edge. Just as the idea for the track came to her while lounging in her pool, Saving Bugs is the kind of song that will have you kicking back with a cocktail and thinking about your life all summer long.

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Chase Zera‘s vocals are effortless and light, leading a bouncing melody over muted modern dance synths. The little quivers in her voice embellish each phrase, giving you a sense of bigger emotions being held in reserve. Saving Bugs holds a lot of analogy for an interestingly literal title.

One day I was floating on a lilo in my pool and I noticed these tiny bugs floating upside down with their little legs running in the air trying to flip themselves over, so I scooped them up and put them back on the tiles to save them from drowning.

Chase Zera

Taking the idea of these helpless bugs in the water, Chase thought about how it could work as a metaphor for the sense of pride she had in watching people ‘flourish and grow and become independent after moving on from something that had been burdening or hurting them’. With a mix of self-reliance and compassionate encouragement, it’s a little bit of a ‘tough love‘ anthem, like someone holding on to the back of your bike but letting go before you think you’re ready to balance alone.

Mirroring the competing internal monologue of someone trying to be restrained, the statement of having nothing left to say tries to stand boldy at the forefront while these silky electronic vocals quietly admit ‘but I really want to‘.

The line ‘don’t come crawling back something left to say‘ leaves the visual of bugs crawling back to the water’s edge after you’ve lifted them to safety. It serves as a reminder of the ability we have within ourselves and the limitations of relying too heavily on someone else to come to the rescue.

Stream Saving Bugs or watch the stripped back version in the video below:

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