The enigmatic and inimitable BLESSED has made a return with his latest in genre-bending tracks. Something To Believe In continues to see BLESSED shaking up traditional music expectations through his compelling compositions, while also tackling the emotional numbness that falls upon us when our hardships go unnoticed and our problems stay unchanged.

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Born in Ghana and raised in Western Sydney, Blessed Samuel Joe-Andah, a.k.a BLESSED, has created a transcendent musical experience, challenging our traditional idea of the guitar-playing rockstar and mixing it with punk-laced hip hop.

Something To Believe In is so deeply intriguing – the dark guitar underlying the start of the song paints an unsuspecting picture for an R&B track, showing just how masterful BLESSED is at seamlessly blending genres.

Painting the picture of ‘an icebox where my heart was‘ or ‘man’s got shot down with his hands up‘, the track is a capsule of hurt and helplessness, with a slight touch of fear. It captures the sense of coldness that can fall upon us after trying for more, fighting for better or screaming out for help, but being ultimately being met with inaction or disinterest.

This song manifested while I was away writing in Smith’s Lake, NSW, the week that all the BLM protests were going on around Australia & the world. It must have been that subconscious feeling and energy that moved me and inspired the track, as I actually had my phone off the entire week so wasn’t seeing it all unfold in the outside world.


Released under BLESSED’s new record label GODSPEED, he explains that the song is ‘a resonant art piece that depicts the disparity of this generation‘, yet ‘is not about one specific thing’. While its content seems to speak so closely to some of our biggest global issues, it’s a song that can cleverly carry the weight of a thousand thoughts or feelings.

Stream Something To Believe In or watch the lyric video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo