Catherine Aria sure knows how to make even the heavy moments feel a little bit lighter. Her latest track Still Got You is an intense emotional journey wrapped up in her signature charismatic flair.

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Canadian singer/songwriter Catherine Aria has recently popped up on our radar as the third-day finalist of Tones and I‘s lockdown song competition, That One Song. Her upbeat entry Losing My Freakin’ Mind is an insanely catchy number that will force even the most mundane of side-to-side-steppers to get their groove on. Her latest track Still Got You is a swing into deeper emotional territory but stays true to her careful composition and passionate beats.

Written from the perspective of an empath, Still Got You (featuring the multi-talented MamaRudegyal) encapsulates the pain someone can feel while watching others suffer. Describing it as that feeling of doing everything possible to help get your ‘loved ones on safe ground‘, Catherine has attempted to combat the overwhelming defeatism of not always being able to provide protection.

My wish for this song is to impact and help empaths and “the strong ones” to not feel alone. It also reminds listeners what loyalty and love can look like – it’s not always smooth sailing – but all strong relationships are better for it.

Catherine Aria

Catherine has pushed the heaviness of the lyrics to the forefront of the song’s production, using an octave lower grand piano to create depth, and descending bass lines to guide emotion.

The mixture of live and electronic drums does something to capture the rawness of the message and strengthen the catchy pop-vibe. The diversity of her vocals is also a standout, with Florence Welch-esque calls and jutting end-of-phrase edits.

After the loss of a loved one that left her feeling broken, Still Got You is her personal message to let them know she’s still there, and always will be.

As midnight strikes in Canada and Still Got You is released, voting also opens for That One Song (5pm AEST). You can vote for Catherine at the link here.

Stream Still Got You below:

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