Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Luke Daniel Peacock has unveiled his third single of 2020 – an ’80s-influenced alternative pop ballad that’s laced with resonant guitar chords. The Odd Specifics takes a hard look at the attitudes of western society today, and the physical and emotional neglect that leaves our future uncertain.

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With dreamy reverb that oozes with early alt-pop and an echoing melody that almost sounds like a staggered flute, Luke Daniel Peacock‘s latest track is a melancholic ballad wrapped up in a calm and breezy tune.

Discussing the track, Luke explains that ‘The Odd Specifics was written out of frustration in witnessing so much of our world in the hands of fools.’

It’s calling out neglect in many forms, but focusing on the attitudes, the ghosting and the lies that have become commonplace in Western culture… It’s examining how life has become about whose lie and whose smile is the most convincing.

Luke Daniel Peacock

There’s a weightlessness to the track, with the chorus urging you to throw your arms out wide and free yourself of any pent up resentment, accepting the world as it is. There’s an abundance of nostalgic influences on show, with a bit of REO Speedwagon and New Order thrown up against more modern references like Chvrches or The Killers. The musical familiarity of The Odd Specifics aids its ability to throw calm against caution, but there’s something unique and experimental about Luke’s heartfelt and gentle approach.

Stream The Odd Specifics below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo