OXLEE‘s latest offering hasn’t just got us counting the feelings we’ve got left to give after our most recent heartache, but the dollars we’ve got left to spend. No matter what your last relationship has cost you, Traction provides the luscious R&B vibes to get you through.

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With a bit of early-naughties Usher in his lyrics, and the more modern sounds of Trinidad Cardona, Traction brings R&B in droves. Continuing the story laid down in OXLEE‘s previous track I Don’t Get You, the self-taught R&B/Pop singer/songwriter has continued to cement his reputation as a refined groove-maker with a funky edge.

OXLEE’s music is a fusion of soul, alternative pop and R&B, with a tasty little hint of K-Pop. Taking influence from the likes of Tobi Lou, coupled with a voice that sounds like it could keep you warm at night, OXLEE’s tunes are full of feeling, gentle seduction and beats that you wish would go on for longer.

There’s an intimacy to OXLEE’s lyrics that see him wearing a bit of his heart on his sleeve. Traction takes a lighter path than I Don’t Get You, but the underlying message is honest. Almost everyone has found themselves guilty of losing more than themselves in a relationship. Taking this song in its most literal sense, the dollar expense of trying to find a love based on false impressions coupled with the superficiality of trying to keep up with a materialistic world, hits hard when you’ve experienced the double whammy of an emotional pitfall and an empty bank account.

The polished production and luscious beat make Traction a stand out in the modern Australian R&B landscape for all listeners, but the realistic honesty of his heartache is great company for those of us counting our losses.

Stream Traction below:

See the video for his previous track I Don’t Get You below:

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