What They’ll Say About Us is a heavily emotive and gently spun tune that delicately plucks at the last threads of what’s holding us together. FINNEAS‘ latest track is a fitting tribute to the heaviness shared by the world in 2020.

Image: Matty Vogel

Following his critically acclaimed debut EP Blood Harmony, FINNEAS has released his latest track What They’ll Say About Us. Dedicated to all those who have endured the current year, this song is a sign of compassionate hope peeking through a cloud of melancholy.

In the midst of the fight against institutionalised racism and inequality, FINNEAS wrote this song after spending a day at a protest in Downtown LA, feeling buoyed by the hope of global unity. At the same time, he’d been following Amanda Kloots as she document her husband Nick Cordero‘s time in ICU during his battle with COVID-19.

Imagining her sitting by his side, waiting, hopeful for him to wake up, it got me thinking about the millions of people, all over the world, who also have loved ones, parents, children and family members going through the same thing… Some will overcome and wake up again, while others, tragically may not.


Structured like a deep inhale that builds until your chest hurts, this tune has a way of forcing you on the journey, willingly holding your breath until granted that sigh of relief. As the song moves to it’s last verse, it feels like everything shatters. Capturing only a small segment of the current grief in the world, the last few phrases fall like a brick in the depth of your stomach to trigger a sense of universal loss.

The official video, directed by Sam Bennett and shot in one take, serves as the perfect complement to the raw emotion of the lyrics, with glimpses of tension, enormous heartache and just a shadow of a smile. Feeling like you’re sharing your gaze with the singer warmly protects the sentiment of this song.

In a world where we’re trying to hold it all together, FINNEAS has certainly brought us undone with this track. For the tears we’ve tried not to shed, we’ll be glad to share them with this tune.

Stream What They’ll Say About Us below:

Posted by Editor at Like Velvet Music.