TRACK: Tug of War – MiCCY

South-African born and Queensland-based MiCCY has dished up a deliciously catchy tune in Tug of War. A vibrant and playful track that’s almost impossible to sit still with, it’s sensuously slick with effortless glamour. The clever conflation of genres and unique vocal phrasing sets MiCCY a step apart, helping the tune happily linger in your head for days.

TRACK: Meteorite – KESMAR

Meteorite is like a musical Xanax. There’s something about it that trickles down from the top of your head and through your body, washing over it with a sense of relaxation. A reliable piano centres the track as synths and sound effects duck and weave between it. With some kind of youthful joy that’s completely uncomplicated, KESMAR (a.k.a Nathan Hawes) has created a happy tune that will take you wherever you need it to.

INTERVIEW: Oly Sherman

The World Is In A Bad Room is a dreamy jam full of open space for a freely tinkering guitar. Described by Oly Sherman as a mix between the chaotic world we’re all dealing with and his own internal thoughts, he says ‘the song basically encapsulates our decisions when weighed up with friends, relationships and social media.’ We had a chat with the Sydney-sider about his music, getting through 2020, and his huge 41-show tour.