Today, Brisbane pop singer Elle Músa releases a new dose of sunshine in her double A-side, Geminis / Merman. A beautiful tribute to summertime nostalgia, her lyrics are full of adventure and her melodies are refreshingly playful.

Imagine a sparkling dip in an ocean at sunset, as droplets of water speckle the horizon with golden glitter. The rolling tide rumbles in a way that reminds you of how big the world is in a moment of solitude. There’s nothing between you and the sea, except the warmth of a lazy, happy summer’s evening and the limits of your imagination. In melodic form, Elle Músa’s latest offering has captured the sense of summer love and mythical sea adventure that dreamily engulfs us as the sand swallows our feet and the salty water laps at our toes.

The Gemini star sign is an air sign that sits under the tropical zodiac, and the Gemini-born are known for their youthful, lively, and curious spirits. In a breezy, blossoming, summertime ballad, Elle Músa has blissfully captured the love she has for the Geminis in her life. In describing Geminis, Elle explains that ‘my mum, my partner and a number of my best friends are Geminis. The song is about the love I have for these people in my life and how I feel more vibrant and happy when I am with them‘.

Merman takes us later into the night, with a seductive depth that whispers for you to follow on a fairy-lit path for an evening of wonder. Exploring the mythologies surrounding the ocean, sea creatures, and tidal waves, Elle creates a magical sense of adventure. As she sings about coming out of her ‘seashell made of pearl‘ the imagery of Botticelli‘s The Birth of Venus springs to mind.

As I was thinking about the mysteries of the ocean, Mermaids and Merman came into my mind and I started to sing about the many dreams I have had about tidal waves and mystical creatures. I question whether my boyfriend and I were in past lives together and if we both ran from the huge tidal waves that changed the Earth… As soon as it begins I feel like I am right by the sea, swimming and surfing all day with my lover.

Elle Músa

Stream Geminis / Merman or watch the official video for Geminis below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo