The World Is In A Bad Room is a dreamy jam full of open space for a freely tinkering guitar. Described by Oly Sherman as a mix between the chaotic world we’re all dealing with and his own internal thoughts, he says ‘the song basically encapsulates our decisions when weighed up with friends, relationships and social media.‘ We had a chat with the Sydney-sider about his music, getting through 2020, and his huge 41-show tour.

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Hey Oly, thanks for taking the time to chat with us! First of all – it’s been a wild year, how are you?

Definitely been crazy! If anything, I think the virus took it out on me mentally. I think the best thing for me to do was to take/focus on a bigger project, and just spend time with friends.

With one tour falling through, you’re ready to get going with a whopping 41 shows. Tell us about the tour – where are you heading? What can fans expect?

The next tour is basically a big eastern Australia run! Heading all the way up to Brisbane and making my way down to Melbourne and back up to Sydney, playing at as many places as possible! I’ll be playing with my band and some solo shows!

Where has 2020 taken you musically? How have you had to adapt (apart from rearranging your tour)?

Musically, I’ve had to kind of reassess my priorities and projects. I was touring quite a lot at the start of the year on my second EP, and when that tour fell through, I pretty much had to think of what to do next. I eventually decided to embark on making my first full album (which is something I assumed would come a lot later down the track). It’s something that has already taken up most of my time but has been the best thing for me!

We can’t help but read your stunning lyrics and wonder – did experiencing something like heart surgery change how you write music and how you look at the world around you?

I guess the easiest way to put it would be that my heart surgery obviously changed certain aspects of my life. My relationships and my own state of mind went through a dramatic change. And because I usually write about my headspace, these things just took precedent in my writing.

If you could host a dinner party with your top 5 musical influences (living or dead) from your upbringing, who are you inviting?

Tough question! I would probably aim to invite artists with similar backgrounds or interests (to avoid an argument haha). I regularly listen to a podcast called ‘Are We Live?”, and features artists like Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Alfa Mist and Barney Artist. They pretty much talk all things life, music and production. I think I would literally just invite all of them to do their podcast with me in the room haha.

Let’s chat about your latest track ‘The World Is In a Bad Room’ – it’s described as a track that explores the ‘warped climate we’re living in’ as well as your own personal journey. It seems so topical as everyone has had months to reassess their lives – has 2020 been a big catalyst in songwriting for you? Or is there just serendipity in the timing of the release?

The latter stages of this year have been super productive, but not necessarily in terms of full productions. Much like the songs premise, I’ve just been unloading a crazy amount of ideas onto a blank canvas as such. It’s the most productive work I think I’ve ever done. Definitely the timing of the release seems super circumstantial, but I always concentrated on my own mind throughout the songs writing process.

We love this song’s openness. It’s like there’s a timekeeper in the background while you and your band meander freely around it. Can you tell us about your inspiration for the song?

The inspiration for the song was to literally have a jam. I went through a particular time where I found it stressful to create structure, for a radio song, or something just super catchy. I had to go back to why the band and I play music in the first place.

What’s your songwriting process? Music first? Lyrics? What about coming at great metaphors like in the title of the track?

I know its super different for everyone but for me, always rhythm/beat first. I feel like I need to psychically vibe something first before writing some type of lyrical poetry over the top. That’s generally how I hear the music I love and listen too anyway. 

Post-tour, what are you looking forward to?

I want to read like crazy. I would also love to spend 2-3 months somewhere super remote to relax.

The Quickfire:

For new listeners, what song should they start with? Pain Free Melody

Which song of yours is the most personal/was the hardest to release? Noir for sure, wasn’t hard to release, but probably my most honest work.

What’s your favourite track to play live? Madness or Pain Free Melody

What song would you give to someone having a bad day? Literally anything by SG Lewis. Vibe.

Stream The World Is In A Bad Room below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo