TRACK: Low – Chet Faker

Thank you, 2020. You’ve given us hell, but then you’ve given us back Chet Faker. We’re not calling it even yet, there’s still a long way to go. But while we’re sitting here reflecting, we’ll happily take Low on repeat, as Chet Faker (a.k.a Nick Murphy) reminds us that despite feeling like we’re running on empty, there’s still plenty left in the tank.

TRACK: Hive Mind – Orange Orange

Orange Orange (Ryan Basile) has returned with a brand new perspective. Diverting away from the soothing electro-pop and dreamy vox of his previous EP, Ryan is taking a more energetic and hard-hitting line with his new track Hive Mind. From rough and rich vocals to strong and steady rock riffs, this song opens up a new world for long time listeners of Orange Orange and new fans alike.

TRACK: Turn – Syrup

Brisbane alt-pop outfit Syrup have returned with their latest exploration into more funk-laden and bass-driven tunes. Bottled up as an instant mood-shifter, Turn is demanding an audience that will sing, clap and dance along with it. On the path to becoming the ultimate festival track of the season, this is a tune to celebrate with – so pop the cork and keep the good times flowing.

TRACK: Outside – Oliver Malcolm

‘All my favourite entertainers got famous and then they died’. Oliver Malcolm’s latest track Outside is an exploration into the dark side of fame, the loneliness of success, and the isolation of being wildly adored at arm’s length. But it’s not just fame that fits this melancholic narrative. In a world ruled by the cruel comparison of perfectly curated lives on social media, the lyrics are relatable on all levels. It reminds us that we all need somewhere safe, somewhere to call home, and somewhere to be really loved.

TRACK: Sparse Space – Flight To Dubai

Soaring across genres, decades, and vocal influences, the latest offering from Sydney group Flight To Dubai proves just how clever they are in wrapping up their versatility into one neat package. Sparse Space has taken us on a journey, with different musical snippets flooding us from every direction – but it just makes perfect sense. Take a moment to soak this one up properly – there’s something in it for everyone.