While we’ve spent the last few months ducking and weaving through songs that seem to perfectly sum up the rollercoaster that is this year, none are quite as direct as 2020. Leonie Kingdom has bypassed the million metaphors to deliver one of the most honest appraisals of 2020.

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I’ve been having a hard time feeling good, even though I know I should“.

Well, doesn’t that just about sum it up? In the strangeness of the time and in between the cyclones of life that don’t stop for anything, so many of us are lost for where we sit on a spectrum of trauma. The year has cost everyone something, but that hasn’t meant that the regular turmoils of life have disappeared for others. What’s left behind is the confusion of what is hurting us and what we feel we can rightfully complain about.

Leonie Kingdom has completely summed up that sentiment, acknowledging that there’s plenty to be grateful about, but that it doesn’t erase the grinding halt our lives have hit. She doesn’t assume to be hurting more than others, or to have a greater claim in the space of grief.

But she’s just having a shit time. There’s no ‘woe is me’ – it’s just that the every day things aren’t going her way. It is what it is and she feels it. And that’s the honest truth of what 2020 has held for the majority.

The melody has a really calming effect, a little bit like how Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova) runs circles around you. Leonie has this beautiful story-telling sway in the song that makes it moreish, despite telling a tale of a pretty average time of our lives.

It magnifies all the ‘non-event’ things that went wrong this year whilst subtly ignoring the elephant in the room that is the global pandemic. This is not your ordinary ‘sad’ song, the upbeat production married with pitiful lyrics give the overall song a lighthearted feel.

Leonie Kingdom

Stream 2020 or watch the official video (made with the help of animator apricotbanana) below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo