Karosella are a duo ‘making music together, a world apart‘. With Titu in locked-down Melbourne and Sam over in battling London, the pair have taken things online to bring people together despite distance and disaster. One way for sure-fire unity is delivering something that feels good and can get a crowd moving. That’s what this pair have done with their debut energetic pop/dance track All Night.

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All Night is youthfully ecstatic and full of buoyant and bouncing beats. (Critics, you can take your poptimism arguments elsewhere – because this is blatantly raging pop and we’re not sorry about it).

This track is made up of all the ingredients that make boy bands so successful and has them edging further out beyond their usual audience niche. People love to feel good, and if you can give them an upbeat, carefree, big-time tune that let’s them move, dance and have an all-round good time – you’ll always find a place.

The chorus is every bit as catchy as you want it to be. The piano is punchy, the tone is unashamedly ready for a good time, and the energy will have you jumping along with it (no matter how hard you try to deny it).

Give it a run, you’re owed a good time. Stream All Night below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo