Sometimes life is blissful. Other times, it frays at the seams. Then there are those times where life barely seems to hold together, and just when you think you’ve patched the holes to hold tightly for another day, a new tear rips through. In one of those moments, Aya Yves created a letter to her sister and family that shares her grief and vulnerability while still offering a glimpse of hope. Dear E. is heartbreaking, but it’s also nurturing and full of love.

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Aya Yves‘ latest single Dear E. is an exquisitely vulnerable and intimate tune exploring some of life’s biggest griefs. Written as a letter for her sister, Aya explores what it’s like to grieve for someone while still sharing precious time with them, and the magnitude of what a family feels through the ups and downs of addiction and the heaviness of loss.

I was driving to Sydney for my first co-writing session and received news that my sister had cancer. It had spread to her bones and couldn’t be treated. I was so angry at the world, so hurt. I’d spent the last 2-3 years being my sister’s primary support person through her struggles with addiction, and we’d finally been making progress. We’d taken 2 steps forward, only for any reason to keep walking being pulled out from underneath us.

Co-written with LANKS (Will Cuming), Dear E. is a phenomenal capsule of the power of strangers too. Having only just met on the back of Aya receiving the news of her sister’s diagnosis, she walked into the studio with what might be described as an all-consuming need to move through those thoughts.

Gentle piano works with subtle percussive elements to support Aya Yves’ stunning vocals. The goosebumps that form up your arm come from a mixture of the song’s sentiment and this stunning aural experience.

As she sings about ‘next time around‘, there’s a sense of more to be shared, in the same way you pray that a goodbye is never final. This song isn’t about letting someone go, but loving them more.

Dear E.’ isn’t just a letter to my sister, it’s a reminder for hope. A promise that we have unfinished business, and we’ll find each other in the next life.

Aya Yves

It’s an intimate and vulnerable, yet beautiful moment in song, and we feel it with you, Aya. Stream Dear E. below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo.