Empty Handed is the latest track from Melbourne-based indie-pop duo Trace Decay. From commanding vocals to full sounding melodies, the pair have cast a strong net around the quintessential elements of the genre to deliver a hook-laden, catchy number. Despite singing of the unrelenting obstacles and the pursuit of perfection that cripples decision-making, Empty Handed is upbeat, easy listening.

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Oof. Think Chris Martin but deeper and moodier and with none of the typical Coldplay influence. Now, we’re not knocking Coldplay, we’re just really loving how Jordan De Pas‘ slight vocal similarity very cleverly stops short of musically hitching a ride with an all-too-familiar sound.

The result is something completely different. Empty Handed is a superb little slice of indie-rock that explores what Jordan describes as an ‘unshakeable mindset‘ leading to decision-paralysis. He describes the chorus as ‘the last thing that was written as I was so stuck with where it should go‘.

The songs themes had reared their ugly head and started to manifest in the songwriting process. At which point I realised I should just write about acknowledging that this is a thing and not worry about trying to find this magical resolution which I so desired. Probably one of my favourite lines I’ve ever written is the last line in the chorus which encapsulates my experience of self-doubt and crippling anxiety perfectly.

Jordan De Pas, Lead Singer

Despite his uncertainty in the song-writing process, Empty Handed is a confident tune. The song is full-bodied and jam-packed with luscious melodies. It sounds primed for the live stage and draws similarities to the kind of energy we might expect from The Killers, Tame Impala or Boy and Bear.

Stream Empty Handed below:


Posted by Rebecca Costanzo