Lontalius (a.k.a 23-year-old New Zealander, Eddie Johnston) has released the second single from his upcoming record Someone Will Be There For You. Faint is a ballad that is driven by a warm acoustic guitar, an understated piano and touch of more modern electronic elements. As the song gradually builds, it never takes away from what feels like an intimate moment from a man and his guitar.

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Faint was one of the first songs I wrote for this project. Coming out of an electronic-based project with Singular Balance, and coming home from the world of big studios and producers in LA. I hadn’t touched an acoustic guitar in a long time until I came home to NZ and it was all I had to write with. Back to basics.

Eddie Johnston

Lontalius‘ honest lyricism looks at matters of the heart. He describes it as ‘a feeling of coming of age, trying to understand the different ways love can reach you. When you’re 17 love is bold and exciting, but as you grow older it can be faint, it can creep up on you.‘ Throughout the track, he gently leads us through his lyrics. It’s almost like a whisper that forces you to lean in while the magnitude of each word absorbs so deeply into your mind.

The official video clip has us captivated as Lontalius sits at a pottery wheel singing us his tale. It brings a strange disconnect to the lyrics he’s singing, like it could be as perfunctory as chatting on train ride, or swapping stories over washing the dishes. But the pottery itself seems like it’s a whole other metaphor, playing with how delicate the clay is, and how easy it is for something that looks perfect to simply fall apart in your hands.

His upcoming record Someone Will Be There For You is being released in two parts, with Side A releasing on 25 November. Stream Faint or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo