Orange Orange (Ryan Basile) has returned with a brand new perspective. Diverting away from the soothing electro-pop and dreamy vox of his previous EP, Ryan is taking a more energetic and hard-hitting line with his new track Hive Mind. From rough and rich vocals to strong and steady rock riffs, this song opens up a new world for long time listeners of Orange Orange and new fans alike.

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Emerging from the soft and silky cocoon of previous tracks, Orange Orange, a.k.a Ryan Basile, has bounded back with a new controlled chaos that takes pleasure in a driving beat and impactful vocals.

Hive Mind is a taste of his new alt-rock direction and upcoming EP What Did the MUNKEE Say Now? (Oct 23). With a real naughties rock bent, his vocals are reminiscent of The Killers or Franz Ferdinand, with inspiration drawn from the likes of Battles and early Foals. There’s even a likeness to Spandau Ballet (think the chorus in Gold).

With a note of derision about the ugliness of ego, Ryan has prodded at the twisted nature of online behaviour. The lyrics shed a light on ‘virtue signalling’, a rising trend that sees people expressing a disingenuous sense of morality, a high ground that they don’t really occupy.

I wrote Hive Mind in a time where it felt like you had to conform online or you lost respect… Hive Mind is about someone who gets off on telling people that they’re not enough, that they’re doing things wrong and that people should follow THEIR example because they seem so infallible and perfect because they’re sharing such virtuous things.

Ryan Basile

Creating a visual link for the narrative while adapting to the limitations of lockdown, Ryan joined forces with a 3D modeler to capture the nature of information dissemination online and how it impacts society.

Stream Hive Mind or watch the video below: