The latest in indie electro-pop from Elizabeth Fader is irresistibly addictive. With the kind of ’90s nostalgia that combines the sweetest of pop vocals with the reliability of an acoustic guitar, it’s a certainty to press repeat on. Shining through with a lightness in both story and song, Lost In The Middle is an instant winner in peppy tunes that tell a vulnerable tale.

Image: Seiya Taguchi

Elizabeth Fader‘s latest track Lost In The Middle is a dreamy throwback to ’90s pop/rock. Her vocals sparkle and echo, giving a sense of softness to contrast the steady drumbeat. The guitar track, particularly at the start, harks back to classic tracks like The Goo Goo DollsIris with a little bit of a Fleetwood Mac tinge. It’s incredibly catchy and irresistibly familiar, delivering a shining light against what would be someone else’s cold reality.

‘Lost In The Middle’ is about being in limbo and relinquishing control. It’s about that feeling you get at a party when you realise it’s late and tomorrow is just going to be a write off so you may as well just let go and enjoy the ride. And sometimes that takes you to this place where everything just works out. There’s a feeling of moving towards something new, a kind of rebirth. It’s hopeful, glittery and nostalgic.

Elizabeth Fader

The official video, which was conceptualised, directed and edited by Jordan Watton, captures loneliness. It’s the hour in a crowded room while you’re dancing by yourself. Not your outfit or the space you occupy on the dancefloor is enough to garner the attention you deserve. Speaking on the video, Elizabeth says ‘I’ve always felt the song evokes certain colours seen throughout the video – purples, blues, silver, the golden morning light in the final scene. Angel imagery was also a persistent theme throughout the making of this song – lyrically, conceptually, and in the costume design, and I think of the dancers as my angels – and perhaps versions of myself.’

The angelic imagery she describes is melodically present in the lullaby-esque outro. In the videoclip, she takes us through the morning after, but despite the bodies sprawled about, there’s no harsh reality of the light of day. The sunlight beams through the sheer curtains on a still sparkling Elizabeth. Instead of falling into the abyss of what happened the night before, the next day is actually better.

Stream Fader or watch the official video below:

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo