Thank you, 2020. You’ve given us hell, but then you’ve given us back Chet Faker. We’re not calling it even yet, there’s still a long way to go. But while we’re sitting here reflecting, we’ll happily take Low on repeat, as Chet Faker (a.k.a Nick Murphy) reminds us that despite feeling like we’re running on empty, there’s still plenty left in the tank.

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It’s been a long five years since we’ve heard from Nick Murphy‘s alter ego Chet Faker, and so it only makes sense that the anticipation for this track had fans chomping at the bit… and maybe only to be expected that some were left a little unsure.

This is a guy that knows how to play with beats. He knows when to push hard and when to pull back. He just gets when those off-key, off-beat twangs are going to fly and for how long the wind will carry them. He’s a master at creating space in a track, and then thickly masking it in full-bodied production.

Low is another glimpse at how well Nick Murphy’s mind ticks under the guise of Chet Faker. The introduction is smooth and holds a nice chunky bassline. A thumping chug comes floating from one side of the speaker to the other, like a coasting steam train or a lazy propeller. There’s a little hand clapping beat that guides soft humming melodies, before sharp and harsh twangs come barging through at their own pace. It shouldn’t fit, but it just does. Because that’s what Chet Faker does best. He finds that little bit of fire that a track needs, and knows exactly how much fuel to give it.

There’s a melancholy feel that’s a little bit ’90s – something like Beck‘s Loser (especially with those sharp and perfectly-out-of-place twangs). But there’s also a big ’60s / ’70s soul feel with the fat bassline and easy rhythm. The familiarity makes you realise how much you missed a good Chet Faker track, but it is a little bit different. It’s clever, but maybe sits beneath his usual electronic flair. A more simplistic style than what we’re used to seeing from him, but it still has his unmistakable silkiness and seamlessly effortless flow.

This song isn’t here to be Chet Faker’s centrepiece tune. It’s not here to show off or send sparks flying, but it’s raw and honest for this moment. With an overwhelming bluesy ambience that flows around you and through you all at once, Low is a nice warm-up to what we know Chet Faker can deliver. Play it on repeat if you’re not sure. It will grow on you.

So, is it your kind of Chet Faker? Stream Low below and let us know:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo and Ollie Roberts