Quartz Pistol are Melbourne’s latest answer to luscious late night luxury mixed with assertively bold lyricsm in an alt-pop/R&B blend. Their debut track Man is more than just a single, it’s a statement. It harbours bold messaging and melodic temptation in nearly 5 minutes of complete intoxication.

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Man is ridiculously smokey and seductive. Irregular rhythms take our heart beats on a wild ride, with the growing intensity teasing our senses before slowly and sensually releasing us all over again. Vocally, there’s allure and a bit of flirtatious cheek, especially as the song traverses from a spellbinding coax to a more jagged rhythm that has you drunkenly chasing desire down a long corridor in your mind. However, despite it’s enthralling composition, the track is a challenge to the patriarchy and the toxicity of white male ego.

Lyrically, the song takes on the privilege of the ‘rich, white man‘ and the bizarre sense of power they allow themselves to exert. Singing about finding love in other joys, there’s a brief narrative of the turmoils of a relationship with this type of man. As the song ramps up its pressure, it goes to the other side of this experience, asserting that ‘I don’t align with the jokes, the gospel that he spoke‘.

Like a coming of age film, the tune takes you through my negative internal dialogue and crippling anxiety as a recently heartbroken woman, angry at herself and entering her Saturn return. Writing ‘Man’ helped me realise I was actually angry with the effect the system was having on me; that I had allowed its values to override my own.

Abbey Howlett

Working with videographer Athina Wilson, the video clip for Man embodies the DIY style of the ’90s. ‘I wanted to capture the funny side of how tragic I had felt during that time,’ says Abbey. ‘Crying in the bath, drinking too much wine and how I overcame those feels with my Super Babe Squad by my side. The power play at the end, between the male character and the group of tough women taunting him, flips the stereotypical narrative.

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Posted by Rebecca Costanzo