Meteorite is like a musical Xanax. There’s something about it that trickles down from the top of your head and through your body, washing over it with a sense of relaxation. A reliable piano centres the track as synths and sound effects duck and weave between it. With some kind of youthful joy that’s completely uncomplicated, KESMAR (a.k.a Nathan Hawes) has created a happy tune that will take you wherever you need it to.

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Written alongside I Know Leopard frontman Luke O’Loughlin, Meteorite is a laid-back disco-infused track full of lightness. Guided by an easy-going tempo, a happy dance across the keys and the tinkles of various percussive elements, it’s an instantly calmative tune. It feels like drinking a cup of tea at the perfect temperature or cracking a cold beer in the sunshine on a banana lounge – you just want to lie back and do nothing but bask in its mood.

There’s something about it that feels like a kid’s song made for grown-ups. It’s got this mellow ASMR effect, like Tetris building blocks perfectly slotting into place and creating a rainbow brick wall before you. Every little note, sound and beat lands cleaning and fits exactly where it’s supposed to, giving the song an undeniable level of satisfaction.

I invited Luke around to my home studio in Annandale, Sydney to make some music together. I started with some pre-recorded live drums as Luke made his way over to the keys, next thing we knew it was 7pm and we were both listening to a semi-finished demo. I worked on the production for a day or two after then it sat on my laptop for months. Finally then bringing it to my long time collaborator and friend Tobias Priddle. I really didn’t want to give too much away on this track, I feel like its open for everyone’s own interpretation

Nathan Hawes

Stream Meteorite or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo