All my favourite entertainers got famous and then they died‘. Oliver Malcolm‘s latest track Outside is an exploration into the dark side of fame, the loneliness of success, and the isolation of being wildly adored at arm’s length. But it’s not just fame that fits this melancholic narrative. In a world ruled by the cruel comparison of perfectly curated lives on social media, the lyrics are relatable on all levels. It reminds us that we all need somewhere safe, somewhere to call home, and somewhere to be really loved.

Photo: Kay Ibrahim

LA-based singer, songwriter and producer Oliver Malcolm has shared his latest track Outside. A thoughtful ode to often-told tales of loneliness that dog our beloved music idols, Oliver has tried to walk the mile in their shoes to capture the engulfing shadow of notoriety.

Having been inspired to explore this idea of isolation in the face of adoration – the kind of silence you can feel in a crowded room – based on the stories of the musicians he’d grown up loving, Outside is a reflection on delusions of grandeur and the coldness of fame.

The crispness of the guitar and the multi-layered vocals have a very similar feeling to Sunday Vibe by Cisco Adler, G . Love & Special Sauce. There’s a juxtaposition between the summery melody and the grey and weary sentiment in the lyrics.

Oliver says there’s a dark side to fame that these rock stars ‘either hadn’t anticipated it or they hadn’t known it was there because on the outside it always seems as if the positive attributes of fame outweigh the burdens of it.

…there are parallels in what they talked about, in terms of isolation and loneliness, with how I feel and how I think everyone feels at times… The roller coaster lifestyle of these rock stars – ups and downs, triumphs and losses, which everyone experiences in life. This constant battle between good and evil no matter how small or large it may be.

Oliver Malcolm

Whether we’re being told not to compare our lives to what we see on social media with only the best bits being on display, or that a thousand Facebook friends can still mean we’ll be holding our own hands in the middle of a frightening night, it serves as an interesting metaphor for so many aspects of our lives.

Mama I’ll be coming home‘ is another layer of heaviness in this song. The need to always call somewhere else home, no matter how high we climb or how big we dream, is a reminder that we all need a source of reality that grounds us and helps us feel whole again.

Stream Outside or watch the retro-fame styled official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo