Happy Halloween! Self Destruct is like the horror movie of our dreams. If you get too close, you’ll get bitten. But there’s something about it that’s too sweet to resist. Feisty, dark and fiercely dramatic, the latest spook-inspired track by Slayyyter is devishly enticing.

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Inspired in part by Jennifer’s Body, this is song is a message for romance (of sorts). Play with fire and you’ll get burnt – or as Slayyyter puts it: ‘I eat boys like you for breakfast, dinner and lunch’.

There’s something unbelievably exciting about this song. Even if it’s not your usual thing, just watch the official video (especially since it’s Halloween), and you’ll get the full wild effect. It completely punches you with this sport arena-like thumping. Then, like a violent shriek in a haunted house, Slayyyter comes screaming for you. You can almost visualise the flashing lights and the endless corridors as you run frightfully for your life.

Speaking on the video, Slayyyter says ‘I wanted to be portrayed as the devil. The chess set is very symbolic of good versus evil. I always feel really inspired by vintage pin up art, and old Halloween-themed porn magazines. It’s sexy and scary and creepy at the same time, just like the song.’ And mission accomplished. It’s everything you need in violent colour, exaggerated edits and horror-themed imagery.

I made this song a while back with Wuki in LA. He started making this crazy icy sounding trap beat and I just started writing nonsense to it. I felt kind of angsty that day which is why the chorus is so aggressive, probably wrote it in about 20 or 30 minutes.


Take your spooky season to where it needs to be and stream Self Destruct and definitely watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo