Wollongong-based producer Stevan has released his latest in laid-back, late-night jams ahead of his second mixtape of the year (Ontogeny, out Nov 20). SIA is full of R&B luxe and ambience. It’s melodically seductive and vocally enticing, while lyrically, it pushes someone away.

Photo: Eddy Ming @eddyming

With a clopping rhythm like stop motion horses, Stevan‘s latest offering is a slow-burning, compact and groove-filled tune. The percussive elements keep you alert, while the rest of the track has you melting into a blissful R&B oblivion, like dipping below the surface of a bubbling hot spring.

His phrasing is gentle and vulnerable with a blissfully dreamy nuance. Painting the picture of coming to terms with situations that are too far gone, words like ‘you’re a problem I’ll never solve‘ force the listener to think about what they’re fighting to fix, and whether it’s best to relinquish control and move on.

Moving through with the metaphor ‘cover your face like SIA‘, there’s an out-of-sight, out-of-mind message. It’s as if not being able to see someone’s face removes the human element and leaves you tussling instead with a memory or an idea.

‘SIA’ is about trying to find independence after relying heavily on someone. The idea of not seeing them becoming empowering, as you realise you don’t need them.


Stevan‘s upcoming mixtape Ontogeny is out Friday November 20. Preorder/save here.

Stream SIA below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo