Soaring across genres, decades, and vocal influences, the latest offering from Sydney group Flight To Dubai proves just how clever they are in wrapping up their versatility into one neat package. Sparse Space has taken us on a journey, with different musical snippets flooding us from every direction – but it just makes perfect sense. Take a moment to soak this one up properly – there’s something in it for everyone.

Photo: Charlie Hardy

As they release the third single from their upcoming EP Strife (out Oct 16), Sydney four-piece Flight To Dubai are also announcing headline shows in Sydney and Wollongong (yay! Live music!).

Sparse Space flickers somewhere between the richness of ’70s rock and the grit of ’90s grunge, while somehow also mellowing down the likes of the New York Doll‘s hit, Personality Crisis. We just can’t pinpoint the vocals on this one either. Is it a bit Nick Cave? A little Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? Hell, you could even argue it’s just a fraction like The Big Bopper. However you align it, it’s definitely something we aren’t hearing a lot of right now, and that’s not an easy feat in modern music.

Just as the video clip depicts, this song follows a relationship in turmoil. From fighting in the streets, throwing things in anger, and turning to self-destructive actions, Sparse Space is a very literal way of exploring how big those gaping chasms feel when you’re desperately trying to cling on.

I wrote ‘Sparse Space’ at the back of the N50 nightrider bus on a late trip home from the city. The song follows the direct repercussions of an unsuccessful Hail Mary during a slowly fading relationship; my mental state mirrored the accelerated decrepitude of my love life.

Atlas Abell (Vocalist)

This tune will be easily spun across the board – from lazy Sunday sessions in the backyard, to a skate down by the boardwalk at sunset… or (as probably intended) for a moment of aggravated reflection on how far you’ve pushed that last thread in your relationship – it just fits any mood.

Stream Sparse Space or watch the official video below:


Posted by Rebecca Costanzo