The latest dance anthem from New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based duo Chores has pushed our pent up festival energy to the limits. Tremble is a huge track, and the zinging vocals of avant-garde artist LÂLKA kick it forward into another realm.

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If you listen to Tremble with your eyes shut, you can almost feel the ground shake and the heat of a crowd of revelers surrounding you. With a euphoric and heart-racing feel, Chores and LÂLKA have created the ultimate festival dance anthem.

LÂLKA’s vocals are electrified as her sweet and soft feminine pitch is mixed in with tantalising auto-tuned phrases, singing lines like ‘sonic boom and tectonic plates‘ (which is also the perfect metaphor for the ground-shaking track).

A relentless beat drives the whole song, bringing a constant march of energy across the various thrashing percussive elements and vocal lines. There’s competition between all the layers that only work to bring it all together.

On working with LÂLKA, Chores said:

We discovered LÂLKA on triple j. She reminded us of our favourite bands when we started DJing – Crystal Castles, The Knife. We tracked her down via triple j Unearthed, and the collaboration began. We sent her a bunch of instrumentals we thought would be perfect for her vocal. After a few revisions between Brisbane and Melbourne, the remote sessions were done and we finished the production.

If you can handle the tease of the big nights we’re desperate for, stream Tremble below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo