South-African born and Queensland-based MiCCY has dished up a deliciously catchy tune in Tug of War. A vibrant and playful track that’s almost impossible to sit still with, it’s sensuously slick with effortless glamour. The clever conflation of genres and unique vocal phrasing sets MiCCY a step apart, helping the tune happily linger in your head for days.

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Produced by JAIM and with Bencio on guitar, Tug Of War is a magnetic track that plays with silky vocals and slinky melodics to create an impeccably smooth number.

The crossover between pop and dance that guides the track is complemented by MiCCY‘s clever use of vocal phrasing that pushes the groove and flow. There’s a big R&B feel, harking back to some of the best of the ’90s. The disjointed phrasing is reminiscent of Destiny’s Child‘s Say My Name. To cap it all off, the funk-laden bass riffs (that add a sprinkling of Daft Punk magic) create just the right amount of disco.

The lyrics are a literal tug of war, accurately capturing the push and pull of relationships. Lines like ‘give me a little space, not a lot of space‘, show a hint of the insecurities or lack of comfort that can come from uncertainty. Despite the narrative of a pseudo-relationship, MiCCY has wrapped it all up in a vibrantly confident tune.

Stream Tug of War below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo