Following on from his debut EP Hether Who?, Hether (a.k.a Paul Castelluzzo) has returned with the first glimpse of his upcoming project. A soothing, bluesy serenade that feels like it could have been lifted straight from decades past, Twinkle‘s modern giveaway comes from the intricate sparkles and spacey sonic purrs that covertly lace the track.

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Hether, a 25-year-old from San Diego, has grown up with an eclectic array of musical influences, all of which seem to find their place in his tracks. From the adventurousness of jazz, to the hypnotic ambience of ’60s psychedelia, there’s so much variety in Hether‘s songwriting that comes cleverly masked in uncomplicated composition.

The underlying guitar riff of Twinkle carries a similar vibe to The Wind Cries Mary but slightly inverted with more of a surfy tone. His vocals are so delicate and undemanding, making this the perfect tune to rattle out from your speakers at a carefree summer picnic. There’s a soulful tinge that’s a little bit Redbone and a little bit Smokey Robinson, but with the endlessly cool and mellow vibe of Ben Harper.

Singing of hurt and heartache with a slight sense of martyrdom, it’s easy to ignore the sentiment and be lulled by the gentle waves of the tune. But where you do find yourself lost in the lyrics, the lightness of the song negates the mournful tug into sadness.

Stream Twinkle or watch the official video below:

Posted by Rebecca Costanzo